Friday, September 5, 2008

Now's the Time: Mike Moreno

If you prefer Pat Metheny when he works in a conventional jazz format, you'll want to catch Mike Moreno at Jardine's tonight. The critically acclaimed guitarist is on a roll. Among his other accomplishments, he's featured on Invisible Cinema, the enormously hyped new Blue Note release by pianist Aaron Parks. Joe Klopus composed a fine preview of tonight's show. Although this video is murky, it provides a decent sonic representation of what promises to be one of this year's better jazz shows in Kansas City.


  1. I caught last night's show and was really impressed. Moreno could be quite subtle with his notes and tone and at other times rip through a good run of notes. Of course having the excellent local piano and drum talents of John Brewer and Brandon Draper didn't hurt either. It's great that KC is getting young, national jazz players coming to town. And, at the same time, word of our own young players can start spreading.