Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sandomirsky & Wijnands

KANU recently spoiled my afternoon.

Even though I knew that the station diligently publishes its playlists online, I simply couldn't leave my sedan until I discovered who was responsible for the magical duet being broadcast. When the selection was finally back-announced twenty minutes later, I discovered that I'd been listening to a recording of a February 18 performance by Bram Wijnands and Gregory Sandomirsky from the Ruel Joyce series at Johnson County Community College.

The duo performed again this week at Community Christian Church. Luckily for fans of innovative music, the performance was filmed. Eleven selections are up at YouTube.

What the radio broadcast failed to reveal is the amusing physical interplay between Kansas City pianist Wijnands and Sandomirsky, the Associate Concertmaster with the Kansas City Symphony. Their playful antics don't disguise the revealing connections the men make between the worlds of jazz and classical music.

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