Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Confirmation: Weekly News & Notes

*I'm a bad person- I've never purchased anything from the gift shop at the American Jazz Museum. The news that the jazz gift shop at Lincoln Center has been shuttered makes me feel even worse.

*Alacartoona and the People's Liberation Big Band received grant money. Here's the Pitch's take.

*Plastic Sax! A white Grafton is being restored in England.

*Joe Klopus spoke with Orbert Davis.

*Local label ARC is getting busy at their Blip account. Miles Bonny also utilizes the tool to great effect. Anyone else?

*Harold O'Neal secured a prestigious gig in Philadelphia.

*Mosaic, a new album by the Blue Note Records all-star group that will perform February 20 at the Gem Theater, was released this week. Doug Ramsey reviewed the second show of the collective's tour.

*Jason Harper takes umbrage at the debut edition of "The Miles Bonny Show".

*The Plastic Sax staff is atwitter about the new look of the Saturday afternoon jam session at Jardine's. The core group consists of Jeff Harshbarger, Roger Wilder, Rich Wheeler and Mike Warren. The fun starts at 2 p.m. January 17.

(Original image by Plastic Sax.)

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the unthinking lemming said...

My dog is embarrassed to say that he is from the KC Metro area because of "The Miles Bonny Show".