Friday, April 24, 2009

Candace Evans At Jardine's

I'm guilty.

More than once I've yakked it up at Jardine's as jazz musicians performed. Watching this clip of Candace Evans working over a loud audience fills me with regret. To all musicians I've talked over- I'm sorry.

Evans is a fine talent. She was recently featured in The Sun. But how could she and her fellow musicians even hear themselves think at this recent gig?

At least these Chatty Cathys made the effort to attend Evans' show. That demonstration of support is wonderful.

I can't speak for Evans, but she'd probably rather play for a loud packed house than for just a handful of intent listeners. And the management of Jardine's, of course, is surely satisfied every time an artist like Evans fills their room with paying customers.


Anonymous said...

My companion and I were sitting up close so didn't mind the noise. This is a very good video and brings back memories of a fun night at Jardine's. Candace is a wonderful talent. I love her voice and the way she interacts with the audience. The members of the band were great as well. I hope Candace returns to Jardine's soon!

Anonymous said...

Yeah..I was in the audience, and I agree with you. The audience was kind of loud, but I'm sure Candace and Jardine's were glad the place was packed.
Like you say, most musicians would rather play to a big house, than just a small, but engaged audience.
But, it would be cool if the best of both worlds were possible.
Having people out partying with the great food and drink, at the same time,kicking back a little during the performance, to fully appreciate the talent on stage.