Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Confirmation: Weekly News & Notes

*Here's the initial word on Karrin Allyson's forthcoming album. (Tip via Steve Paul.)

*KCJazzLark challenges the gist of Plastic Sax's March 7 post.

*A jazz-related art exhibit is plugged by Steve Penn.

*Mary Stallings is praised by Joe Klopus in his most recent column.

*Joe Lovano's new tribute to Charlie Parker received another rapturous review. The saxophonist performs at the Folly Theater on April 2.

*Tweet o' the Week: bandcalledmouth: Just looking at our web-stats... 2,500+ downloads from over 35 countries since last May. Nice! Check out our site

*I've been offline for almost two weeks. I apologize for allowing comment approval for the ongoing conversation to lag.

*From a press release: Wednesday, May 4, 2011; Kansas City Kansas Community College Jazz Extravaganza: KCKCC Big Band, Jazz Combo and Vocal Jazz Ensemble "The Standard" under the direction of Jim Mair, Jurgen Welge, John Stafford & Mike Ning. Music by Count Basie, The Beatles, Freddie Hubbard, Thelonious Monk, Bobby McFerrin, Charlie Parker, Pat Metheny, Thad Jones and so much more!

*From Jim Mair: The Kansas City Jazz Orchestra and Kansas City Jazz Alliance in cooperation with Kansas City Kansas Community College are pleased to collaborate on the 10th annual Kansas City Jazz Camp. The dates are June 6-10, 2011. We have assembled an outstanding faculty and would very much enjoy having your fine students ages 13 and up to participate. The jazz camp includes classes in jazz improvisation for beginners, through advanced along with small group performance ensembles. Master classes and jazz history will also be included. The week will conclude with an afternoon student performance at the 12th Street Rag Room in the Downtown Marriot hotel... If you would like further information please give me a call. 913-288-7503.

(Original image of Alaturka sign in Brussels, Belgium, by Plastic Sax.)


Anonymous said...

In 1992 the casinos had not stolen a lot of the night life that was important in the early 1990's.

In the early 90's you still had Richard Ross, Speedy Huggins, authentic Scamps, Claude Williams and a young Lisa Henry and Pat Morrissey, Step Buddy Anderson and Carmell Jones, Laverne Big L Barker.

Those cats sat in all the time at clubs. They walked in a room and the rooms lit up. The music was fun and had that Kansas City sense of joy that is lacking in most of todays groups.

Now most of the young cats are anonymous. They don't have that Kansas City sound. They sound like hybrid New Yorkers coming from a post Coltrane bag.

Thats fine but that won't pay the bills.

ericcartman said...

Got to love those good ole days huh?

Happy jazz is lame. Jazz is fun when it's dark, difficult and subversive.

Eat that cake!! said...

Yep we all sound the same. You want to know why? Because all you selfish ass boomers agreed with Reagan and opted for tax cuts over your children's education. And then again when W said standardized tests are a good thing you bought that too.

Too bad you want to eat your cake, but guess what, I listen to way too much rap music to be able to appreciate cab calloway or jack teagarden or billy eckstine. Lil Wayne would kick John Lewis' ass.

I'm sorry but when your whiny-ass generation finally retires it'll be a good day, because then you can actually start blaming us for how terrible the world is. For now though, all you crotchety old bitches are the root cause of all this anxiety, so why dont you STFU and stop pining for an era that is NEVER going to come back.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious about what your definition of "that Kansas City sound" is. If it's about that supposed "sense of joy", and you think that's lacking in the young players...well, you haven't heard my friends Ben, Ryan, Brian, Nick, Matt, Clint, or Hermon.

Anonymous said...

The problem with blogs is ignorant people can speak. Do your homework.