Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Confirmation: Weekly News & Notes

*Here's the complete lineup and schedule for the 2011 edition of the American Jazz Museum's Rhythm & Ribs Festival. The top two headliners at the October 8 event are the funk band War (the version that doesn't include core members Howard Scott, Lee Oskar, B.B. Dickerson and Harold Brown) and frail blues legend Bobby "Blue" Bland. Christian McBride & Inside Straight perform on the main stage at 5 p.m. Guitarist Charlie Hunter appears inside The Blue Room at 8 p.m. A set featuring trumpeter Greg Gisbert, saxophonist Rob Scheps and pianist Roger Wilder begins at the club at 10:30 p.m.

*Marilyn Maye kicks off a new week-long stint at Jardine's on Sunday, August 28.

*"We as musicians have to take responsibility for bringing people to the music so it can have a chance," Hunter Long suggests in a stirring call to arms. "We have to stop acting like it's the club's job to provide us with an audience or that the government needs to have educated them 15 years ago so that they think we're relevant. We need to BE relevant."

*Another chapter in Kansas City's jazz history is salvaged by KCJazzLark.

*The Jazz District is subject to Kansas City's new curfew restrictions.

*A recap of the Kauffman Center's opening night reminds readers that Diana Krall will appear and that "a 17-piece all-star big band led by Bobby Watson that will perform a commissioned suite honoring Kansas City jazz greats with the Kansas City Symphony. The jazz performance will include projections of images from the American Jazz Museum."

*Ryan Heinlein is interviewed by Hunter Long.

*Johnny's Tavern hosts a beer-oriented fundraiser for the Prairie Village Jazz Festival on Saturday, August 27. (Tip via PF.)

*The Topeka Jazz Workshop Band is examined by Bill Blankenship.

*Andrew Ouelette, Lisa Henry and a trumpeter named "Herman Meharry" will perform in Hannibal, Missouri, on August 25.

*Tweet o' the Week: KCJazzConnxn: Black House show at la Esquina was packed! I always love hearing great new music, especially coming out of KC. They're better every time

*Jerry Leiber has died.

*I haven't seen a notification or discussion of this year's Charlie Parker gravesite memorial at Lincoln Cemetery, but in theory it will take place Sunday, August 28. Parker was born August 29, 1920, in Kansas City, Kansas.

(Original photo of Marbin at The Record Bar on August 21 by Plastic Sax.)


Cb said...

Thanks for posting the Rhythm & Ribs Jazz and Blues Festival information, HIB!

I still reeeeally like this gig and am going into my second week on the job. We have the press conference on September 7th.

Peace, Cb

Anonymous said...

The Rhythm & Ribs fest always seems like something I should want to go to, but they never seem to bring in anyone I care to see. Last time I went was to see Kenny Garrett.

Happy In Bag said...

While there's only one Kenny Garrett, Anon 1015, saxophonist Steve Wilson is a member of Christian McBride's band. He's excellent. Dennis Winslett and Rob Scheps, two more fine saxophonists will also be featured. You should go.

Anonymous said...

If you like Kenny Garrett, you would definitely get a kick out of Dennis Winslett!

andrewzender said...

Second the comment from Anon 920. Having known and worked with Dennis for several years, Kenny G -- that is, Kenny Garrett -- was a constant topic of discussion and listening.

Dennis is the real deal.

Michael said...

*smacks forehead with palm*