Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Confirmation: Weekly News & Notes

*Editor's note: Plastic Sax has been dormant while I've been on holiday. Today's bleary installment of Confirmation, consequently, is certain to be filled with glaring omissions and embarrassing oversights.

*The 2012 edition of the Jazz in the Woods festival features Jonathan Butler, Oleta Adams and the Elders.

*Tim Finn reports on pre-SXSW preparations made by Kansas City artists including Hermon Mehari and Hearts of Darkness.

*July's All-Star Game in Kansas City may provide a boost to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum and the American Jazz Museum according to a positive feature in The New York Times.

*The successful tourism appeal of Beale Street is contrasted to the Jazz District's struggles in a think piece in The Atlantic.

*KCJazzLark lobbies for further recognition of the Paseo YMCA building. Last week he compiled quotations about Kansas City's jazz heyday.

*Hunter Long muses on recent area performances of Nixon In China, Radiohead and the SF Jazz Collective.

*As a a jazz commentator, Sam Mellinger is a great sports columnist.

*Crossover jazz double booking alert- Chris Botti and Madeleine Peyroux perform at separate shows in Kansas City on May 11.

*New footage of Eldar performing with the Russian National Orchestra is very nice.

*Millie Edwards and Michael Pagan were featured in the Leavenworth Times.

*Demencha noted last week's A Vibe Called Mesh event at the Blue Room.

*A publication in Oregon offers a nice interview with Bobby Watson.

*The Kansas City Kansan notes a recent success by the KCKCC jazz program.

*Tweet Facebook Status o' the Week: Michael Shults- If I hear another college "jazz" ensemble that doesn't try to swing I am lighting myself on fire. Sick of left-handed pansy music. Play like a man please!

*From Hermon Mehari: On Saturday, March 24th, Kansas City based trumpet player and educator Hermon Mehari will present a concert featuring the Kansas City High School All Star Jazz Ensemble at the recordBar. This 16-piece ensemble of the finest high school area players will be doing a tribute to the music of Duke Ellington and Count Basie. The show is from 7- 9 PM and it will be divided into two sets of music with an intermission. recordBar is located at 1020 Westport Rd. Admission is $10.

*From Jason at Jaskki's Tobacco Cafe: (W)e have First Friday spots available and would to track down some local jazz musicians to perform at our tobacco shop/hookah bar/smoking lounge. We are looking for 8-11pm on the First Friday of each month to coincide with our free hookah smoking event that runs from 7-11pm on First Fridays. The last two months we have averaged about 250 people per night for the event and would love to keep supplying those folks with some great local jazz.

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Anonymous said...

Prasie the Lord!! You're back.

Tim said...

Happy, this website is the perfect embodiment of the picture you chose for this post.


Anonymous said...

Jazz in the woods huh? More like bullshit only old white men would like or afford.