Thursday, April 10, 2008

Are Shorts Allowed In Jazz?

Kansas City pianist Joe Cartwright recently posted several live performance videos at YouTube. My favorite is this Jazz In the Woods session featuring Stan Kessler, Kim Park, Ray DeMarchi and Gerald Spaits. Park's sax solo is particularly noteworthy.

I know how insufferable the heat can be at this event- I became delirious from sunstroke during Erin Bode's set a couple summers ago- but it's still disorienting to see jazz musicians donning shorts.

While Bode's alluring pop-jazz returns to the festival in 2008, you're not going to find traditional acoustic jazz musicians at Jazz In the Woods this year. Nor will you hear any local talent. Let this video serve as a satisfying reminder of a different time.


the unthinking lemming said...

Just be glad that Stan didn't opt for the g-string.

jazzmomma said...

Don't forget Gary Helm on percussion - that man is fabulous!!! Kim is one of my favorite musicians too - great post :)