Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Confirmation: Weekly News and Notes

*Steve Penn sheds some light on the mysterious new blues club in the jazz district. Plastic Sax is incredibly excited about its arrival. I've peered in the windows; it looks really nice. A note to management: Please, if you're not going to advertise, consider creating a simple web site. How about submitting your entertainment schedule to local papers? And have the acts you book post the gigs at MySpace.

*The Kansas City Library suggests a jazz reading list.

*Saxophonist Mike Miller reports that the Mango Room is closing. I've been unable to confirm his assertion.

*The Star's Robert Butler takes note of Sons of a Hoofer.

*Now this is what I call a party!

*A blogger thinks the American Jazz Museum is "worth the trouble".

*It's no secret that Plastic Sax has a thing for Erin Bode. The star-in-waiting brings her "folk-jazz" to the Blue Room Thursday.

*I love it when Wichita's biggest smooth jazz enthusiast gets angry.

*It sure is ugly, but I moved the Plastic Sax Event Calendar here.

(Original image of Kansas City Blues and Jazz Juke House Bar and Restaurant by Plastic Sax.)

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