Monday, August 25, 2008

Charlie Parker Memorial

I missed you yesterday at the Lincoln Cemetery memorial service for Charlie Parker. I'm not sure why attendance was dramatically lower this year. Don't worry, though- I shot this rough, unedited video for your inspection.


Anonymous said...

I thought the service was great. I think a little more organization among the musicians would have been great, but overall they sounded great. The bag pipe touch was great. I think the speakers were great. However, that "brass band"...not great. Can't we do better than that k.c.?!?! That made a mockery out of the whole thing. I thought Ringling Brothers was in town the way those guys were dressed. What a disgrace. AND...couldn't play!

Whatever...can't win 'em all...but thanks to everyone who planned this wonderful event.

(Anyone know who the first speaker was...?...the lady who read the passage about "Who Charlie Parker is to you"...would also like to be able to track down a copy of that piece she read...I believe from a magazine...? Maybe it could be posted here on Plastic Sax?)

Happy In Bag said...

Dirty Force- I like 'em. And I think CP would have liked them too. Sure, they're irreverent and absurd, but they bring a sense of fun and joy to the event.

Wasn't that piece written by Dean Hampton?

I didn't catch who that speaker was either. I'd also like to know what became of Baird Parker.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, this site ( says Baird died in Vietnam.

Happy In Bag said...

Oh, man. Thanks, Anon. I had no idea.

Anonymous said...

That comment about Baird dying in the Vietnam war is not true. I saw him after that war was long over in Doylestown, PA. Word has it he is living in Lansdale, PA.