Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Confirmation: Weekly News & Notes

*The publishing catalog of Charlie Parker is changing hands according to this report.

*Barbecue, jazz and dance receive a Kansas City-style mashup.

*Hours after publishing a post in which I whined about the dearth of locally produced jazz videos, I uncovered this two-minute film featuring the music of The People's Liberation Big Band. It's not exactly what I had in mind, but it's quite amusing.

*A new treasure trove of performance videos captures Bram Wijnands at The Majestic.

*"The sshhing is more annoying." That's the handwritten message on a table tent at Jardine's documented in this photo. (Tip via Plastic Sax reader.)

*My friend and colleague Joel Francis traveled to Arkansas to catch a Sonny Rollins gig. Here's his review. What gives, Joel? I would have pitched in for gas money...

(Original image by Plastic Sax.)


the unthinking lemming said...

Perhaps the clubs can dedicate "Non-Shushing" seating areas.

Joel said...

I am going to see Dave Brubeck at the Jacksonville Jazz Festival over the Memorial Day weekend when I am in town for a wedding. I would be more than happy to stow you in my (carry-on) luggage for the trip. Just let me know. ;)