Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Confirmation: Weekly News & Notes

*Clint Ashlock was featured in a seven-minute segment of KCPT’s Arts Upload program.

*Larry Kopitnik ponders the print medium in a revealing KC Jazz Lark post.

*Mike Metheny’s Twelve For the Road was reviewed for KCUR by Mike Warren.

*The Pitch touts a performance by a band led by Nate Nall.

*Joe Klopus notes Kim Waters’ forthcoming appearance.

*Tweet o’ the Week: Brian Scarborough- Not even 11 AM and I've written and formatted a new tune for BSQ. Looking forward to debuting it next Wednesday! #KCJazz #Journeys

*From Paul Shinn: It's been a while since our trio has been at the Green Lady for an extended run, so we are very excited for this opportunity to provide you all with some new music as well as some older favorites as well! You can find us next weekend at the Green Lady at the following times: Saturday, February 13th 9pm-1am, Sunday, February 14th 530-830pm, Monday, February 15th 8pm-12am.  We are returning in celebration of our new album release entitled Into That Good Night. Funded by a grant received in the summer of 2014, this CD features six new compositions as well as a few select standards.

(Original image by Plastic Sax.)

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Mike Metheny said...

Thank you, Mike Warren, for taking the time to review my sonic experiments, confounding as they admittedly are. Your words were thoughtful and honest, and that works for me. (Note: “Twelve” is the number of albums produced since 1982, as opposed to ten tracks on the CD. That's what I get for being too cryptic...)