Thursday, June 8, 2017

Now's the Time: No BS! Brass Band

Tired of lethargic performances by sullen jazz musicians?  No BS! Brass Band will set things right.  The exuberant collective from Virginia entertains on Friday, June 16, and Saturday, June 17, at the Boulevardia festival near Kemper Arena.


Anonymous said...

Jazz has a legacy and tradition . It is important for musicians to both be curators and innovators. This music does neither. No opinion on whether it is pleasant entertainment. It is not JAZZ, thus your comparison to jazz is entirely misinformed

Anonymous said...

Jazz musicians have a responsibility to be curators and innovators and must promote themselves to preserve.
This music you share cannot be defined by either of those terms. Many HS bands produce a similar sound for their HS football games, one just has to leave the suburbs. Your comparison to the jazz tradition is misinformed and of no value. This is not an inditement of the entertainment value of this bands music, simply a lane adjustment. A lack of vocals does not enable a jazz comparison. Jazz musicians have a strong sense of harmony unlike many others, represented in improvisation. A sophisticated art, deserving of being compared to likeminded sophistication. 2 buck chuck is not a fine port!

Anonymous said...

These guys are awesome and I enjoyed the IMPROVISED TRUMPET SOLO beginning at 2:50. Thanks for sharing, Plastic Sax!