Sunday, April 19, 2020

EP Review: The Cur3- The Anecdote

 The Cur3- not to be confused with the legendary goth-rock band or the possible solution to the current global pandemic- is a jazz-adjacent ensemble with roots in Kansas City.  While the trio's confounding name is un-Google-able, pianist Christian Swan, bassist Blair Bryant and drummer Zach Morrow are respected contributors to the area's music scene.  (Two members are currently hunkered down elsewhere.)  The four songs on the 19-minute The Anecdote validate the musicians' reputations.  “P.G.F.” is a throwback to the sound of the smooth jazz radio format known as the “The Wave.”  The trio merges an intimation of new jack swing with glitchy hip-hop on “Traffic.”  An eponymous track is a cosmic burst of jazz fusion.  A man announces “we just came to chill and have fun- I guess that’s what life’s all about” over a bed of chipmunk soul on “The Ocean.”  The Anecdote isn’t a magic elixir, but the new release is a therapeutic sonic balm during a challenging time.

(Original image by Plastic Sax.)

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