Friday, July 20, 2007

Trio JuJu At Harry's

Trio JuJu had a tough Thursday at Harry's Country Club. The cosmopolitan charm of the music featured at their MySpace page was shattered by the din from approximately two dozen drinkers on the establishment's wonderful patio. Trio Juju were unable to establish a meaningful connection with the City Market revelers. Worse still, the trio frustrated the one guy who seemed to be there specifically for the band's bossa nova. He'd shout out encouragement and requests, but his presence seemed to rattle the group. As rough as it was for Trio JuJu last night, it's reassuring that the promising group is giving the Jobim and Gilberto songbooks a regular workout in Kansas City. Trio Juju try Harry's again on Thursday, July 26.

(Photo taken by Plastic Sax.)

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