Friday, December 28, 2007

Kevin Mahogany Is Walking

I've recounted my introduction to Kevin Mahogany elsewhere. This video is a fine showcase for his warm voice and personality. It begins with a Kansas City reference. "You see, 12th and Vine's not there any more," Mahogany tells an appreciative Rhode Island audience. He explains his progressive approach to jazz at the 3:30 mark.


David said...

Hi Happy,

Just discovered your blog and have linked to it from our blog.

I lived in St. Joseph MO from 92-99 and spent as much time as I could in KC, trying to get to jazz and the Nelson Atkins Museum as often as we could (Friday Nights were Sprint Nights and often featured jazz). I never did get to see Kevin but I got the news, and his records. Ditto for Karyn Allison. Ditto for Mike Metheney, darn it, though we did get JAM up in Cowtown regularly, thank God (he was editor. Still is?).

I loved the new jazz museum and yes, I've seen the plastic sax. Also a big thrill to see one of Louis's trumpets.

I miss Lawrence too, and public radio from KC and Lawrence, and Boulevard Beer. So glad to have seen Hootie (sp?) a couple of times in there, and even Claude Fiddler...

Great looking blog. Come see ours. We're trying to promote jazz in the wilds of Northern California.


bgo said...

I've known Kevin for 25 years and I am so delighted at the hard work he put in to become the international success he has enjoyed.

Happy New Year, Kevin, if you read this.

The librarian formerly known as Stretch.

Happy In Bag said...

You're linked here, David. Thanks.

Agreed, BGO. Kevin is such a sweet guy.