Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Confirmation: Weekly News and Notes

*I concur with Joe Klopus' strident editorializing about the precarious state of jazz in Kansas City.

*The Star recently echoed my enthusiasm for the Friday "Rush Hour" sessions at the Mutual Musicians Foundation. Let's hope the story will stimulate attendance. As I write this note, however, the performers for January are not yet posted.

*There Stands the Glass is an impeccable and deliriously exciting MP3 blog based in the Kansas City area. It recently conducted a fine interview with Julian Waterfall Pollack, a teenage jazz pianist who in many respects represents the future of jazz.

*Plastic Sax recommends subscribing to the American Jazz Museum's newsletter. Sign up for the free service by sending an e-mail to Type "subscribe" in the subject line.

(Fantastic art not credited because I failed to take proper notes. Sorry!)

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