Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Confirmation: Weekly News and Notes

*The Star reports that $500,000 is being spent to create a "gateway" to the northeast corner of 18th & Paseo. A "monumental, colorful marquee" visible from downtown is in the works. That's a great idea. I'm not sure everyone realizes that the jazz district is just a few blocks from the Sprint Center. But the new landscaping component strikes me as useless. The area is already pretty and inviting. The story also references a "stagelike platform." Yet at least two such areas already exist directly behind the museums.

*I've come to the conclusion that the single best thing that can realistically happen at 18th & Vine in the next few months is that the blues club Steve Penn recently alluded open its doors. Kansas City's active, motivated blues community would love to spend their time and money in the district.

*The rumor reported in this space last week is true. It looks like KKFI's weekday jazz programming is being reduced to two hours a day. And in a related note, it's disappointing that jazz is woefully underrepresented in the station's band auction. I purchased the services of a top-tier rock band last year. It's too bad I can't bid on a local jazz act of similar stature.

*Did you catch Eldar on the Grammys? And isn't it nice that Herbie Hancock won the big award?

*A Tennessee newspaper profiled Kevin Mahogany.

*Road trip! Friends University brings in Cyrus Chestnut for their jazz festival later this month.

*The Sun offered a nice feature about Shawnee Mission Northwest student and jazz musician Sean Giddings.

*Pianist Chris Anderson, who played with Charlie Parker, died February 4. He was 81.

*The BBC is streaming a story related to the "Jazz Baroness".

*YouTube user "VandoJam," a Kansas City-related entity, posted a few new videos.

*An inspiring column by Steve Penn brought readers up to date on Eddie Saunders.

*The Star ran a brilliant review of last week's concert by Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at the Lincoln Center Orchestra. It's pure poetry!

*I'm delighted to discover that Plastic Sax has a fan. Elsewhere, Patchchord riffs on my notes about jazz education.

(Photo of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra captured Friday at the Folly Theater by Plastic Sax.)


kcmeesha said...

maybe they should spend the money on the Sprint Center -Jazz district moving walkway.

Happy In Bag said...

Not a bad idea, Meesha! Here's a tip for walkers- Grinders is about halfway between the arena and the Blue Room.

the unthinking lemming said...

Herbie Hancock left the world of academics but one course shy of a degree in music at Grinnell. He was later given a degree honorarily.

Cyrus Chestnut earned his degree in jazz composition at Berkely.

Kevin Mahogany studied at Baker University.

Wynton spent two years at Juilliard.

It is not academics stealing the soul of jazz.