Saturday, February 2, 2008

Do You Suppose Tom Digs Lester Young?

I'll admit it. I'm desperate.

Increasingly weary of churning out sharp content for fifty people a week, I created a MySpace account for Plastic Sax last Thursday night. I refuse to accept that my ridiculous personal blog should be immensely more popular than this site.

Unfortunately, I'm as untalented a web designer as I am a pianist. And I was so afraid that MySpace's default "friend" Tom would be my sole internet companion that I began reaching out to area jazz musicians. It's no accident that my the majority of my first "friends" have last names ending in A, B, C and D.

Of course, my goal isn't to have a popular MySpace page; I simply want to boost awareness of this site. So if you were here already- thanks. And if you want to be my MySpace pal, I promise I won't use quotations when I call you my friend.

(Photo by Plastic Sax.)

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Rod Warner said...

...I am Whitedog - woof!