Monday, March 10, 2008

Confirmation: Weekly News and Notes

*A spokesman quoted in a Star story about the new Power & Light district promises "28 weeks of live jazz." I'll personally vouch for the snazzy appeal of the area surrounding the Live stage.

*A blogger eloquently muses about economic disparity and historical relevance at Charlie Parker's grave.

*Patchchord editorialized about the Plaza III situation, calling it "another nail in the coffin". The ripples initiated by Plastic Sax continue at the Pitch's music blog.

*The Star featured the storytelling program at the American Jazz Museum.

*Here's an update on Megan Birdsall's recovery.

*Joe Klopus interviewed Pat Metheny.

*The playwright of Carter's Way laments the destruction of most Kansas City jazz landmarks. "You couldn't even see the ghosts of things past," he says of a disappointing tour he took in Kansas City.

*A Palm Springs paper previewed a show by Marilyn Maye.

*While I sympathize with the righteous indignation Wichita's smooth jazz advocate feels for the loss of Denver's smooth jazz station, it makes for entertaining reading. By the way, how long has it been since Kansas City lost "The City"? Five years? The Washington Post ran a related story about the decline of the format.

*Clark Terry will be playing with Leon Brady's Kansas City Youth Jazz ensemble in May.

*I really like the Star's story about the hippie past of the Cowtown Ballroom. The story only alludes to the room's crucial role in regional jazz history. Giants like Bennie Moten and Andy Kirk often performed in the room when it first opened.

*A diligent Plastic Sax reader was kind enough to offer an extraordinarily helpful review of last weekend's Metheny family concert here.

*Here's Tim Finn's review of Friday's Michael Buble concert.

*Plastic Sax is embarking on a blogger break. Don't fret- I promise all eleven Plastic Sax readers that I'll return with a vengeance.

(Image by Plastic Sax.)


bgo said...

I read the Cowtown Ballroom article and I have known its filmaker for years now. Joe will do a fine job.

A bookend, one at the far left end, is the story of the Pla-Mor and how it briefly was a place called Freedom Palace.

Joe touches a bit on Freedom Palace in his film, but I doubt there are few ol' timers left who can remember the night Cab Calloway got his head caved in because he tried to enter the segregated Pla-Mor.

He had a gig at the El Torreon had the time. He was fronting a group called the Missourians at the time.

Oh. And at the Pla-Mor? Cab's friend Lionel Hampton.

Happy In Bag said...

Thanks, BGO. That's what I was looking for.

the unthinking lemming said...


Keep flattering my ego and I'll bring you a review of Karrin Allyson live at NYC's Birdland.

Happy In Bag said...

Your contributions are invaluable, UL.

WLIB said...

There are 11 of us readers now? Does anyone else smell a softball team forming?

Anonymous said...

(Virtually no jazz! the name is an insult or at least an anachronism)

March 15, 2008
Jazz in the Woods at Corporate Woods
June 19, 20, 2008
Corporate Woods
Overland Park, Kansas
The Overland Park South Rotary Club is excited to announce the musical acts for this year’s 19th Annual Jazz in the Woods, jazz festival at Corporate Woods, June 19 and 20, 2008. Our event is the largest free jazz festival in a six state area and the largest free music festival in Kansas City. All of the net proceeds from our event go directly to charity. Last year we drew over 25,000 people to the 3-day event. Metcalf Bank, Chrysler and Farmers are the Grand Title Sponsors for 2008.

Friday Night, June 19th:
The Headliner will be The Fabulous Thunderbirds. The T-Birds are one of the best Blues bands touring today. Recent hits include “Tuff Enough” and “Wrap It Up” Greg Adams will be one of the opening acts. Adams is a founding member of Tower of Power and a powerful trumpet player and a premier band featuring a great horn section. Jazz vocalist Erin Bode will start the night off. She has a beautiful, crystal clear voice that is too exquisite to miss.

Saturday Night, June 20th:
The Headliner will be the Average White Band. AWB is a powerful five-piece band that plays contemporary jazz formats. Opening for AWB will be Grady Nichols. Grady’s sophisticated saxophone sound is quite a crowd pleaser. One of the up and coming Blue’s guitar players, Sean Costello will start the night off.

Sunday Night, June 21st will feature Country In The Woods. Talent for this event will be announced April 1st. For more information go to

The three charities benefiting from this years event are: Marillac, The Fox 4 Love Fund, and TLC for Children and Families. Last year we raised almost $150,000 for these local charities.

Platinum Sponsors thus far are: Saint Luke’s South, Argosy Casino, Midwest Airlines, the Kansas City Star, Wal-Mart, Star 102, Mix 93, KFKF, Q104 and WDAF Fox 4.

“This year’s event brings together a wide variety of jazz music, so we hope people will come out all three nights,” said Bill Flohrs, Talent Director for this year’s event.

Please take a moment to view our web site at for more information on times and musical artists, and the charities we support. Attendees can support the charities also by purchasing a raffle ticket or patronizing one of our many food vendors.

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Overland Park, KS 66213
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Jazz in the Woods – at – Corporate Woods

the unthinking lemming said...

"Jazz" in the Woods. Been heading that way for a couple of years.