Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Confirmation: Weekly News & Notes

*Pitch reporter David Martin added a couple sidebars to his cover story about strife at the Mutual Musicians Foundation. In this piece, he lists the new administration at the Foundation. And he looks into the area's ongoing blight here.

*KCJazzLark provides a fascinating backstory in response the Pitch's examination of the Jazz District drama.

*I'm thrilled to learn that two of my favorite acts in Kansas City, Diverse and Les Izmore, are collaborating. Details are available at Diverse's site.

*The latest installment of Alaadeen's memoirs is surprising. I just can't see the saxophonist carousing with Lester Bowie.

"(T)he attendance was a bit lacking," according to the Pitch's review of Javon Jackson's weekend show at the Blue Room.

*Michael Pagan's new album earned a glowing review.

*The story behind the new children's book about Mary Lou Williams is told.

*Randy Weston made a brief appearance on KCUR's Up To Date on February 4.

*D.J. Sweeney has created a new petition in an attempt to restore three hours of weekday jazz programming on KKFI.

*The relationship between the late Claude "Fiddler" Williams and Mark O'Connor is noted by Steve Penn.

*Citing "lack of progress," a federal judge's forthcoming decision may affect properties in the Jazz District.

*Former Kansas Citian Krystle Warren plays a London gig promisingly titled Next Big Thing.

*Greg Carroll of the American Jazz Museum is scheduled to participate in a panel discussion February 13 at the Brand Library in California.

(Original image by Plastic Sax.)

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