Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Confirmation: Weekly News & Notes

*Bill Caldwell has died. The saxophonist was 49.

*Steve Miller, a popular Kansas City bandleader for decades, has died. He was 84.

*"It's still a nightmare of monumental proportions," Hearne Christopher suggests in an update about Jardine's in which he implies that the local audience for jazz is "nowhere to be found in numbers greater than 20 to 50 - sometimes maybe 100 - on any given night." Christopher filed a second report here.

*The redevelopment of the Jazz District is examined by KCJazzLark.

*The Pitch interviews Candace Evans.

*Mark Lowrey broadcast last night's gig at the Czar Bar on his Ustream channel.

*Black House posts about Blue Label.

*Chris Robinson reviewed the SF Jazz Collective's concert in Lawrence.

*Bobby Watson's international tour schedule resumes this summer.

*Jon Faddis remembers Frank Foster. (Via KCJazzLark.)

*Tweet o' the Week: Todd Wilkinson: RIP Bill Caldwell. You were a good friend and great musician. I'll miss you very much.

*Plastic Sax comment o' the Week: Anonymous- Jazz in the woods huh? More like bullsh(*)t only old white men would like or afford.

*From the American Jazz Museum: The American Jazz Museum is pleased to announce its 2012 Musicians & Artists Pro-Symposium, an informal career and business development luncheon and workshop… Artists of all disciplines are invited to attend, at no cost, courtesy of US Bank. (The) event is Saturday, April 14th… (A) panel is comprised of an impressive array of artists and musicians, featuring: Maurice Brown (and) Logan Richardson.

(Original image by Plastic Sax.)


Happy In Bag said...

Details on Bill Caldwell's memorial service from Kerry Strayer:

Saturday, March 31, 2012
Grace Presbyterian Church
5002 East Douglas Avenue
Wichita, KS

Jake said...

As far as Jazz in the Woods goes the event is free regardless of your color or your debt to income ratio.

Tell Hearne to go to the KCJO concert Friday night where he can find 1200 jazz enthusiasts paying good money in a clean comfortable listening situation.

Jardines was gross. Dirty, slimey, lousy food and inconsistent music. Heck, the servers used to handle the salad with their nicotine stained fingers. No wonder Hearne fit in in so many ways.