Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Confirmation: Weekly News & Notes

*Bob Barry, the man with the disruptively loud camera at events hosted by the American Jazz Museum, is  featured in The Kansas City Star.

*Boulevard Brewing will donate a portion of sales of its KC Pils brand to the American Jazz Museum.

*KC Jazz Lark takes another fascinating then-and-now look at the Jazz District.

*"All For a Song" is a musical about the late Myra Taylor.

*A jazz novice reports on the scene at Harling's during a performance by New Jazz Order.

*A writer for The Pitch highlights a forthcoming gig by the Rich Wheeler Quartet.

*Clint Ashlock is blogging.

*Tweet o' the Week: HappyInBag- Mark Lowrey, Bob Bowman and Sam Wisman are paying tribute to Mulgrew Miller at @TheMajesticKC . #kcjazz

*Comment o' the Week: KC Jazz Lark- Actually, I had several commentators and media sources in mind when writing the Kansrocksas comments. I was even thinking back to the 1980s, when a movie on jazz played for one night at The Bijou Theater, then in Westport Square. A then-music columnist for the KC Star wrote that few people showed up, proving nobody attends jazz events in Kansas City anymore (I'm paraphrasing). I wrote a letter to the editor, which The Star published, responding that maybe the sparse crowd proved nothing more than jazz fans don't see a lot of movies at The Bijou. Equating failed events to jazz is dead dates back a long time.

*From Jim Mair: The 12th annual week long Kansas City Jazz Camp held on the beautiful campus of Kansas City Kansas Community College wrapped up on Friday June 7 with a stellar final concert.  55 students, ages 11 to 71 from as far away as St. Louis along with a star studded faculty which included NPR Radio Host, Ludwig clinician and North Dakota Governor's Award winner percussionist Scott Prebys, Missouri Governor's Award winner and Kansas City Jazz icon Everette Devan, Kansas Governor's Award winner and Selmer saxophone clinician Doug Talley, three time Grammy nominee guitarist Rod Fleeman, and Kansas City's most versatile bassist, a master of all styles James Albright.

(Original image by Plastic Sax.)


Anonymous said...

Hey! Way to recognize yourself with "tweet of the week." Congratulations!!!

Happy In Bag said...

Look, Ma- I made the big time!

Seriously, I implore folks to support Lowrey's gigs at the Majestic. No cover. Reasonably-priced drinks. Superlative jazz.