Monday, November 4, 2013

Background Check

I've been looking at things all wrong.  For years I've pitied the jazz musicians and disdained the indifferent members of the audiences at the many dinner gigs around town.

During one such restaurant show last weekend, children played tag, talking heads bemoaned Obamacare on muted televisions and only a small percentage of the diners acknowledged the band.  And I finally realized that there's nothing wrong with that.

So what if the people at the table next to me loudly discussed the Chiefs' winning streak as I listened to a sensitive reading of "Body and Soul"?  There wasn't a cover charge.

I'm now glad these gigs exist.  Musicians get paid to hone their chops on standards.  And in exchange for ordering off the menu, I can listen to musicians play in a relaxed setting that usually contrasts greatly with their approach at jazz clubs.

Background music is underrated.

(Original image by Plastic Sax.)


Larry said...

Good job Happy! Its not so bad. Those background music gigs are the difference between a nice car and a beater. A nice home and and dump. Good insurance and Obamacare.
Look how many people talk and don't watch the Royals games.

Brian said...

I play at Free State Brewery in Lawrence every Friday night. It's a great exercise in focus, humility and also a good spot to try out new ideas. Not to mention the steady income.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Now I have a reason to go to Free State Brewery other than the Oatmeal Stout!