Sunday, October 4, 2015

Album Review: Matt Villinger- All Night

Peter Schlamb’s electrifying Tinks was Plastic Sax’s top album of 2014 by a Kansas City musician. 

The sonic innovation, emphasis on memorable compositions and an absence of prolonged solos made Tinks entirely refreshing.

All Night, the solo debut of keyboardist Matt Villinger, features Schlamb on vibraphone.  Recorded in the same Edwardsville, Illinois, studio as Tinks, All Night sounds like Tinks’ funkier sequel. 

Villinger evokes a young Bob James on the soulful opening track “Chillinger.”  “You’re the One for Me” is like an update of James’ “Angela,” the theme song for television’s “Taxi.”  Villinger also uses a vocoder on the title track, a midtempo song capable of resonating with Daft Punk fans.

Trumpeter Hermon Mehari is excellent throughout.  Hiis heavily processed solo on “Dart Bomb” is particularly thrilling.  Bassist Nick Jost and drummer Sean Mullins round out the band.

Following in Schlamb’s footsteps, Villinger recently moved from St. Louis to Kansas City.  All Night indicates that he promises to be a similarly constructive presence on the scene. 

(Original image of Louise Bourgeois' "Spider" by Plastic Sax.)

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