Friday, August 31, 2007

Luqman Hamza's Hot Seat

On each of the dozens of occasions I've seen Luqman Hamza perform, I'm struck anew by his urbane persona and consummate musicianship. He recalls the sophistication of Nat "King" Cole, Charles Brown, Mel Torme and Bobby Short. It seems like he should be the featured attraction at an elite New York cabaret instead of playing for a handful of people in a Kansas City tavern. Consequently, Hamza's program last Friday at the Mutual Musicians Foundation's "Rush Hour" was somewhat surprising. The unpredictable behavior of the guest vocalists- including his wife, pictured here (I can't recall her name)- seemed to rattle Hamza's placid veneer.

(Original photo by Plastic Sax, 8/24/07.)


Anonymous said...

I would like to request your permission to use your picture of Luqman Hamza and his wife Raynola for a youtub video for them.

Happy In Bag said...

Sure. Please send me a link when it's posted.