Monday, August 20, 2007

Will Matthews: Swing Purist

Some say the true test of character is how a person behaves when no one's looking.

Very few people were on hand to witness to Will Matthews' Friday matinee performance at the Mutual Musicians Foundation. He's celebrated for his impeccably tasteful work as the guitarist in the Count Basie Orchestra. So it would have been completely understandable- even expected- if Matthews cut loose with some funk and rock riffs.

Yet Matthews never strayed from his genteel, sophisticated style. It was a sublime performance, ably assisted by keyboardist Dan DeLuca and an unidentified drummer.

A couple of vocalists sat in with Matthews. That's Bryan Hicks and his disturbing hand brace crooning here. (Hicks' home page is listed in the right column, but beware- it's infested by noxious pop-up ads.)

A quick reminder: The Foundation's "Rush Hour" shows take place every Friday. There's no cover, no smoking and no excuse for jazz lovers not to attend. (Details can be found at the link above.)

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