Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Confirmation: Weekly News and Notes

*I happened to spot an online advertisement for a benefit concert by Eldar. It's May 15 at Country Club Christian Church. I realize that Plastic Sax isn't Downbeat magazine. But gee whiz, even Downbeat isn't Downbeat any more. Please jazz promoters, publicists and artists- just send me a note and I'll gladly publicize your event or news. Gratis.

*Steve Penn's May 10 column covers Sons of a Hoofer, the American Jazz Museum's neglected film collection and construction at 18th and Vine.

*Plastic Sax pal Unthinking Lemming covers Karrin Allyson in New York and Killer Strayhorn at Jardine's. Don't miss his Muxtape, either. UL's postings are cause for celebration at Plastic Sax's offices.

*The Pitch offers an editorial about the 18th & Vine signage by John Kreibergs.

*Here's more hand-wringing about the IAJE's downfall. This is a woefully under-reported national story.

*St. Louis Jazz Notes (link to the right) turned me on to the existence of the Ozark Jazz Society.

(Original image of Eldar at his 2007 Jazz In the Woods concert by Plastic Sax.)

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the unthinking lemming said...


If I had managed my film better, I would have pictures of Eldar with Karrin Allyson in NYC.

As for the demise of the IAJE.... I would not attribute that to a failure of formalized jazz instruction. Although jazz education is not perfect, there are other forces involved here.