Monday, July 7, 2008

Confirmation: Weekly News & Notes

*Kansas City's blues community honored jazz great Myra Taylor at the Kansas City Kansas Street Blues Festival. Words and images are here and here.

*Could something be happening here? The Pitch reviewed an installment of the new jazz series at the Record Bar. The Pitch also offers a free download by Brad Cox and the People's Liberation Orchestra.

*Aargh! Plastic Sax only became aware of Clarinet Fest's Kansas City convention after the fact. This enthusiast blogged the event.

*Newsweek profiled Eldar.

*Bararck Obama told Rolling Stone that his iPod includes Charlie Parker.

*Steve Penn celebrates the American Jazz Museum's budget.

*It's always interesting to gauge visitors' reactions to Kansas City. This fun tourist failed to make it to the jazz district on foot.

*Bobby Watson is big in Scotland.

*A letter writer in Topeka notes the success of the city's recent jazz festival.

(Original image of Big Joe Turner looking on at the Kansas City Kansas Street Blues Festival by Plastic Sax.)


the unthinking lemming said...

It seems that Barrack Obama has a wide variety of music on his iPod.

Happy In Bag said...

True that, UL. He won't have my vote until I learn his position on Bitches Brew.

the unthinking lemming said...

That is one reason I can never run for elected office. In my youth I 'experimented' with Bitches Brew. Look where it has led me. (pops on Pat Metheny's zero tolerance for silence. Taps toe.)

the unthinking lemming said...

Saw the following item on Yahoo! News:

Obama spoke to a raucous crowd of music fans, who paid up to $500 per person to see a performance by Wilco lead singer Jeff Tweedy, and two other band members.

"Before these guys go, I want them to know that I had heard a rumor that they had suggested that I had nothing by them on my iPod," Obama said. "That is not true. I love Wilco."

I can see the staffers scrambling to update Obama's iPod before and after every appearance.

Happy In Bag said...

Ha ha! I'm shocked- shocked!- to hear that a politician might pander.