Thursday, July 10, 2008

Now's the Time: Marilyn Maye


Not only did Marilyn Maye recently launch her own web site, her fans posted the first footage of the crooner at YouTube in recent weeks. In addition to "Misty," highlights include a fun album cover video, audio of a duet with Ed Ames and a clip of a recent live appearance.

Maye defines "old school"; I mean that as a compliment.

She perform eight sets at Jardine's next week. Here are Joe Klopus' notes.


WLIB said...

Back when I was hosting the jazz show on KCUR, I got all giddy on the air about seeing her Sinatra tribute show. I believe I called on listeners to join me in a campaign to have her cloned. A day or so later she left a message on our answering machine in which she called me "Lee honey" and said she'd heard I said "something nice" about her and thanked me. My wife and I would play the message and get giddy all over again every time.

If I were in KC next week, you can bet I'd be at Jardine's.

Anonymous said...

She's a beautiful singer with a beautiful voice! Where's the clip of her singing a duet with Ed Ames?


Happy In Bag said...

Click the word "duet" in the original post.

Anonymous said...

We caught the last set of Marilyn's 4-nite stand at Jardine's last night, and she blew us away! Sadly, they don't make singers like that anymore. Happily, she can still belt it out (and croon, whisper and purr) at 80!