Friday, July 18, 2008

Now's the Time: Fred Anderson

Chicago free jazz saxophonist Fred Anderson performs at the Blue Room on Saturday, July 26. An anonymous Plastic Sax commenter suggests that Anderson is "the most forward thinking, big-time act they have ever presented there." It's an interesting assertion; very few "outside" jazz artists visit Kansas City. Anderson owns the Velvet Lounge, a Chicago club. Additional background information and sound samples from the 79-year-old are available at the link.


Anonymous said...

God willing, I'll be there HiB. A friend from Chi. hipped me to this happening the other day. Anderson is an oldster, so if you're thinking of checking it out, don't miss him!

Anonymous said...

He's an oldster and still gets it done!!!

I saw him at the Vision Festival about a year ago, and he was a highlight. He comes out, digs in, and just GOES!

Tell anyone and everyone you know to please come out and support this cat...and let's see more of this in K.C.!!!

(and thank you Plastic Sax for covering it!)

punkyjunk said...

there will also be coverage in the kc star this week and on npr, kc currents to be more specific.

Anonymous said...

I am a friend traveling with Fred. Have to say he is excited to play KC for the first time. He'll also be paying tribute to Bird with a visit to the apartments he stayed in with his mother and to Lincoln Cemetery. Fred has studied Charlie Parker for most of his life and has sought to learn much from what Bird knew about the music. Don't miss this show, friends. And many thanks to the Jazz Museum and the Blue Room for this opportunity.