Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Confirmation: Weekly News & Notes

*There's hope for the shuttered El Torreon. The legendary venue (above), once the regular host of Benny Moten and Jimmie Lunceford, is reportedly being refurbished.

*An essay titled "Is Bird Dead?" merits further discussion.

*Oleta Adams is profiled.

*I'm not sure why, but Karrin Allyson's national New Year's Eve 2006 broadcast was reposted on July 24 here.

*One of Kansas City's best bloggers, the Midtown Miscreant, muses on the significance of the Hotel Rochester at 18th and Vine. It's a mandatory read for anyone interested in the jazz district.


*Joe Klopus raves about the forthcoming concert series at the Gem and the Folly. Plastic Sax will weigh in on the bookings in a future post.

*381 Days: The Montgomery Bus Boycott Story has opened at the American Jazz Museum.

*Chris Burnett analyzes the numbers of jazz.

*A new release by pianist George Dulin receives a rave review. The writer asserts he's from Kansas City.

*Steve Penn applauds the renovation of the Midland Theater.

(Original image of El Torreon by Plastic Sax.)

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