Friday, August 8, 2008

Now's the Time: Greg Patillo

Step back, haters! I love this; I don't care if you think the beatbox flautist is more hip hop than jazz. Greg Patillo is performing in Kansas City this weekend in conjunction with the National Flute Convention. Joe Klopus has the story. I'm going to dust off my Rahsaan Roland Kirk albums.

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WLIB said...

It's also sad how many jazz players overlook the Annie soundtrack. (I kid, I kid...) But seriously, good for Patillo. And flautists. (And lovers of the word "flautist" like HapBag!)

But seriously, again, one of the first jazz recording to really blew my mind was a Herbie Mann version of All Blues. It was on a cassette tape that my first wife rescued from the bargain bin at Waldenbooks at Bannister Mall. Like the marriage and the mall, that tape is long gone. Of the three I miss that tape the most.

Finally, it would be cool if Bill McBirnie was on the flute convention schedule. He's awesome.