Monday, October 27, 2008

Scary Thoughts

Plastic Sax fully endorses libertinism.

That said, the Halloween party at Jardine's described in a recent column by Hearne Christopher, Jr., sounds a little too kinky for me. Snuff Jazz, wonderfully depicted in this video, will be on stage.

Christopher's piece made me wonder about appropriate Kansas City jazz-themed costumes.

I suppose I could don vintage gear like the guys in Grand Marquis. But I'd rather not be a generalized jazz cat.

Would there be a respectful, dignified way to depict Charlie Parker? And would anyone besides Plastic Sax's readers know who Parker was? For that same reason, dressing as Count Basie or even Tom Pendergast might be an exercise in frustration.

With the help of a wig, gown and makeup artist, I'll bet I could make a great Marilyn Maye or Ida McBeth. But again, I don't swing that way. (McBeth, incidentally, is performing at the Blue Room on Halloween.)

Maybe I should just attend Halloween festivities as myself. After all, what could be creepier than an obsessive jazz blogger?

(Original photo by Plastic Sax.)

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