Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Confirmation: Weekly News & Notes

*It almost sounds too good to be true. Ten dollars buys a ticket to see Fourplay, Kevin Mahogany and three local openers at the 40 Acres & a Mule campus on August 7. Details are here. Steve Penn previewed the event.

*An invaluable history lesson on the Jazz District is offered by KCJazzLark in his endorsement of the proposed reconstruction project on Highland Avenue.

*KCUR's Up To Date featured Alaturka on July 23. Download the podcast here. The Star reviewed Alaturka's July 25 performance at Jardine's.

*All About Jazz conducted an interview with guitarist Steve Cardenas.

*The Pitch catches Pearl Thuston-Brown at GiGi's.

*The challenges facing the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum are detailed by a Canadian newspaper.

*A blogger notes his/her attendance at a lecture held at the American Jazz Museum.

*Here's the lastest dispatch from Black House Improvisors Collective.

*Listen to Bobby Watson working through an Ornette Coleman composition in 1985.

*I received the following message from a reader last week.
I have a problem with the Plastic Sax site. Too many of the links are outdated. I've spent way too much time this morning chasing dead ends. Any chance you can update them? Also, will you please add (my site) to you links?
Can you believe this guy? Still, I suppose he has a good point. I'm putting the local jazz community on notice- I've started the process of reviewing every link in the right-hand column. The dead links will be deleted accordingly. If you've migrated from MySpace, for instance, please email me your preferred address. Thanks in advance.

(Original image by Plastic Sax.)


Dean Minderman said...

"The food at that restaurant is terrible...and the portions are so small!"

Seriously, though, isn't there a web-based service of some sort that checks and validates links on a given URL? I remember reading about such a thing, but don't have a link handy. Seems like it would be handy for at least a first sort of a long list....

Dean Minderman said...

OK, this is probably what I was thinking of:

I think I'll run this on StLJN just to see how it works....