Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Confirmation: Weekly News & Notes

*Pat Metheny and Larry Grenadier will perform at Liberty Hall in Lawrence, Kansas, on September 29.

*Hermon Mehari is the subject of a video feature.

*Karrin Allyson reveals her Luddite tendencies to a journalist in Pennsylvania.

*The New Jazz Order Big Band and Blueprint will perform at KJHK's Jazz in the Park on May 8. (Via KJHK's KC Jazz Connection.)

*KCJazzLark continues to recollect his experiences with the Kansas City Jazz Commission.

*Topeka Jazz Workshop awards scholarships of $1,000 to $1,500 to five students.

*Marilyn Maye will appear at a benefit concert May 1 at Rockhurst High School.

*The 2011 version of Jazzoo, the annual benefit for the Kansas City Zoo, features precisely zero jazz acts.

*Mark Southerland teams up with the Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey this weekend for the opening of Jazz Fest in New Orleans.

*Gary Foster will appear on Steve Kraske's Up To Date Friday, April 29, on KCUR.

*"Who is Charlie Parker?" (Via Jazz Wax.)

*Tweet o' the Week: marklowreymusic: Jazz and Hiphop from a fun show last November.

*From Crosstown Station's calendar: Kansas City's best horn player Hermon Mehari is uniting the best of Kansas City's finest Jazz musicians to pay tribute to the great Miles Davis on his Birthday. Guest musicians include Brad Williams (drums), Andy McGhie (tenor saxophone), Andrew Ouellette (piano) Dominique Sanders (bass)... Get ticket now as this will be a sold out show. The show is May 26.

*Details on a free May 4 concert by the University of Kansas Jazz Ensembles from Dan Gailey via Lucas Homer: Jazz Ensemble I (directed by Dan Gailey) is performing the following: BJORK: Desired Constellations (arr. James Miley), Army of Me (arr. Travis Sullivan; Travis is the leader of Bjorkestra), Hyperballad (arr. Matt Moresi). RADIOHEAD: Knives Out (arr. Dan Gailey), Kid A (arr. Steve Owen). STEELY DAN: Two Against Nature (arr. Fred Sturm). Jazz Ensemble II (directed by Bob McCurdy) is performing the following: RADIOHEAD: Bodysnatchers (arr. Fred Sturm). STEELY DAN: Home At Last (arr. Fred Sturm)...and an opening tune... Jazz Ensemble III (directed by Greg Battista) is performing the following: RADIOHEAD: You and Whose Army (arr. Steve Sharp--KU student). They are also performing a group improv piece based on themes by Bjork and Radiohead. Additional information is available here.

(Original grainy image of Ben Leifer, Hermon Mehari and Ryan Lee performing at Take Five Coffee Bar on April 23 by Plastic Sax.)


Anonymous said...

For the love of god we've got to stop with the Radiohead and Bjork.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, let's get back to yet another rendition of "Autumn Leaves". That's exactly what we need!

For the love of god, we've got to stop listening to the self-appointed jazz curators.

Anonymous said...

At this rate Radiohead and Bjork are going to be as tired as "Autumn Leaves" if everyone keeps doing it.

For the love of god, somebody write some music.

Anonymous said...

For the love of God, someone please start a decent jazz blog in KC. I kid, I kid...

Happy In Bag said...

Oh, wise guys, eh?