Friday, April 22, 2011

Riffing on Parker's Mood

I was pleased to see that jazz would serve as the theme for an upcoming Kauffman Center Encore event. But then I learned that music at the party will provided by a DJ who will spin "jazz/swing and modern beats." Criminy! Let's pretend that the guy is looking to slip one Charlie Parker selection into the mix between St. Germain and Diplo. What single selection should he choose to win over curious jazz neophytes? Perhaps it's only because I've always been so enamored with King Pleasure's version, I'd recommend "Parker's Mood." "Yardbird Suite" or "Ornithology" might be too off-putting for ears accustomed to the likes of Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift.

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Cb said...

Nice points, HIB.

I would have liked to have seen a real repertory jazz/swing group perform at something like that instead of a DJ - Kansas City Jazz Orchestra, David Basse, Brams' hot # groups, any of Kerry Strayers other groups, Grand Marquee, Brian Redmond, among other KC musicians come to mind.

Perhaps cost was a consideration? Nothing against the DJ, but this is jazz/swing music we are talking about here and this is still Kansas City ain't it? ;)

Peace, Cb