Thursday, July 21, 2011

Confirmation: Weekly News & Notes

*Ticketmaster shows a listing for the Rhythm & Ribs festival on October 8. There's also a Facebook page for the event.

*Hearne Christopher reports on an interesting arrangement between Beena Brandsgard and Ida McBeth. (Or is it Beena Raja?).

*Hunter Long and Chris Robinson engage in a marathon conversation about jazz and jazz criticism at the site of The Black House Improvisors' Collective.

*Joe Klopus profiles Tim Doherty's 9 Plus 1 ensemble.

*The conventional "business model" of jazz clubs is examined by KCJazzLark.

*The Pitch Music Showcase features performances by Miles Bonny, The Grand Marquis, Hearts of Darkness and Mark Lowrey. Details are here.

*Tweet o' the Week: hilderbrand: Farewell, Borders, my favorite bookstore for many years. #byebyeborders.

*Skerik of The Dead Kenny G's has a lot to say in an interesting Los Angeles Times interview.

*From The Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey: We are proud to present to you Black Wall Street, the second single from The Race Riot Suite… Click here to listen. The Race Riot Suite will be released on August 30. JFJO performs September 16 at Crosstown Station. Hearts of Darkness will open the show.

(Original image of a Miles Bonny album on display at a San Diego hip hop store by Plastic Sax.)


Anonymous said...

so THAT's where that other 35% is going!

Anonymous said...

Look to the Gaslight Grill model for a working restaurant/jazz club. The music is underwritten by Dick Hock's non-profit organization.

Chris said...

Hey man, Chris Robinson from OutsideInsideOut here. Thanks for putting the link up to the interview that Hunter did with me for the Black House site. Yeah, ended up being fairly long, but fun.

Rick in PV said...

3:08, how does a non-profit organization underwrite entertainment featured at a for-profit restaurant?

Cb said...

[QUOTE]*Hunter Long and Chris Robinson engage in a marathon conversation about jazz and jazz criticism at the site of The Black House Improvisors' Collective.[/QUOTE]

This was a great one! Congratulations, Hunter and Black House. Hope to meet you Chris, in person someday... very interesting views and experiences.

Peace, Cb

Jace said...


The restaurant is a for profit business and the entertainment is funded by the non-profit corporation. You'd be shocked by how much is in that non-profit account. The information is public domain.

If you inherit or sell something for a large sum of money channel the funds into your own non-profit organization. Follow the non-profit bylaws, pay your self a salary to manage the non-profit.

You see this a lot with family non-profits. They hire family members to run them thus the hired family member always has a job.

Its a great concept because as long as the food and service is decent you're in good shape. The music budget comes from a completely different source. But Dick Hock runs both.