Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Confirmation: Weekly News & Notes

*Basie band veteran Frank Foster died yesterday. The composer of "Shiny Stockings" was 82. Here's NPR's report. Nate Chinen provided the obituary for The New York Times. Doug Ramsey offers additional insights.

*Rumor has it that a prominent Kansas City jazz club is cutting musicians' pay by 35%.

*KCJazzLark serves as the invaluable institutional memory of Kansas City's jazz scene in a well-researched post about Boone Theater.

*KCUR updates an excellent profile of Leon Brady and KC Youth Jazz.

*Fanfare magazine published an extended interview with Michael Pagan.

*Joe Klopus and Tim Finn write eloquently about the relationship between jazz and popular music here and here.

*Phonologotronic toasts his colleagues at The Black House Improvisors' Collective.

*An underground noise show headlined by This Is My Condition is reviewed by The Pitch.

*Tweet o' the Week: djjazziedeb: If one jazz club cuts pay 35%, who's to say that they won't all follow suit. I think no one should work for this! No one!

*The rigorous debate in the comment section of last Friday's post continues.

*A few thoughtful readers have pointed out that Plastic Sax's RSS feed is broken. (I'm not sure how to fix it.)

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Anonymous said...

If the "prominent Kansas City jazz club" (Jardines) is REALLY cutting musicians' pay by 35%, I'm thinking about boycotting. Since Jardines started putting cover charges on all shows (which I don't mind paying), they should be able to pay the musicians a fair wage. The rumor puzzles me - attendence has been good at the shows I've been to this summer. Want more customers? Fix the food (which is awful) and have some decent drink specials - more people will show up!

The Phonologotron said...

This probably belongs in the "heated discussion" prompted by people's opinion of Otto. Somewhere in there someone said something to the effect of "not caring about what the audience thinks." Well we care, that's why we choose songs you'll be familiar with, like Prison Sex and Take On Me. So if you want to have a good time and involuntarily shake your ass come listen to us play this Sunday at the Fishtank from 8-10. If you don't like what we do, thats fine, but somehow I doubt you'll disapprove, especially after we deliver everything your $8-10 can buy. Thanks..

the Phonologotronic