Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Confirmation: Weekly News & Notes

*The 2013 lineup for the Jazz In the Woods festival has been announced.  Greg Adams and East Bay Soul, Tony DeSare and Marc Antoine will perform on Friday, June 14.  Peter White, Julian Vaughn, the David Wells/Chris Geith Project and Vincent Ingala will perform on Saturday, June 15.

*Joe Dimino of Neon Jazz interviewed Stan Kessler.

*Breakthrough, the new album by the Eldar Djangirov Trio, was released this week.

*Matt Kane writes about Ahmad Alaadeen, Take Five Coffee, Ben Leifer, Hermon Mehari, Roger Wilder, Steve Lambert and his favorite spots in Kansas City in an entertaining blog post.

*Joe Chambers' appearance with the 18th & Vine Big Band is documented by KCJazzLark.

*The Kansas City Star offers reviews of the Kansas City Jazz Orchestra's tribute to Benny Goodman's Carnegie Hall concert and the Dave Douglas Quintet at the Blue Room.

*Brandon Draper's weekly gig at the Kill Devil Club is the subject a four-minute video.  (Via Offstage.)

*Frank Driggs' collection of jazz photos has been donated to Jazz at Lincoln Center.  Driggs and Chuck Haddix cowrote Kansas City Jazz: From Ragtime to Bebop: A History.  (Via Steve Paul.)

*A critic characterizes The Freedom of Expression by Eddie Moore and the Outer Circle as an "auspicious debut."

*Tweet o' the Week: Lauren Paasch: have you ever seen an 80 year old jazz musician cuter than jerry dodgion? i doubt it #fact #oldpeopleareadorable

*From Brad Cox: I wanted to let you know that the next People's Liberation Big Band show at the RecordBar will take place Sunday, April 14. We have a lot of new music to try out. I mean there's really a lot. I'm not too sure of the proper unit of measure, but I'm pretty sure it is either a sh#t ton, or a metric ton, whichever is greater. We will also be joined by guest vocalist Shay Estes, which is always a treat.

*From Neill Smith: I am super excited to announce that we are starting a music appreciation night starting this Sunday at The Riot Room! Each week will feature a different guest DJ playing their personal music collection + from midnight to close you can get all the PBR you can drink for $10!  The series begins April 15.  Hermon Mehari is the guest DJ on May 26.

*From Johnson County Community College: A protégé of the legendary jazz master Dizzy Gillespie, (Arturo) Sandoval has evolved into one of the world's most acknowledged guardians of jazz trumpet and flugelhorn as well as a renowned classical artist, pianist and composer. He will appear as part of the college's annual Jazz Winterlude festival (on) Saturday, Jan. 25 (in) Yardley Hall.

*From Ron Carlson: Saturday, April 13th @ Lucky Brewgrille, 7-10 pm. Rob Scheps (sax), Jerry Dodgion (sax), Bob Bowman (bass), Ron Carlson (guitar), Brian Steever (drums).  Sunday, April 14th @ Murray's (12921 State Line), 6-9pm. Rob Scheps (sax), Jerry Dodgion (sax), Roger Wilder (piano), Ron Carlson (guitar) then a regular schedule of Fridays at Lucky Brewgrille and Saturdays at Murray's with my trio format and featuring great local musicians!

(Original image by Plastic Sax.)


tjjazzpiano said...

Well, I see JITW is getting "jazzier" than ever. I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt but watching that Vincent Ingala promo video was seriously painful.

Anonymous said...

Hey man, I don't like it either BUT
Its the most well attended live music event in the KC metro. It also raises A LOT of money (100K) for charity. Note to self: Private money can raise boat loads of money. Hmm, I'd rather choose who I give my money to than have the government decide for me. (How is it I can balance my check book but the federal government can't balance theirs....and I have to be accountable)

It may not be what we call jazz (either is Utah Jazz Basketball or jazz dancing) but Jazz (or lack there of) in the Woods is a business model that works and helps people. And after all, isn't that what all you "Zealots in the night, exchanging glances...." want to people! These kind of events are a viable option to our government taking our taxes and spending it the way they see fit.

just sayin'

Anonymous said...

That's a relief. It sucks but it isn't run by the government. Hooray.

I guess the silver lining in this pathetic display of ubiquitous bad taste is that it gives you an opportunity to make a irrelevant point about your political pet peeves.

Nigel said...

Hey anon 8:51, Why do you have to attack someone personally? Offer something to the discourse. I don't like Jazz in the Woods but they are not catering to us musicians.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid you'll have to define offering "something to the discourse." I'm pretty sure I was pointing out that the previous post was just an irrelevant digression into someone's boring political views.

I attack someone personally because this is the internet and that's what it's for.

I bet you secretly like Jazz in the Woods. I bet you like to sit outside in the park and listen to music. I bet you don't care that it sucks because it's easy to ignore and you can distract yourself with the nice scenery, delicious snacks, and pleasant people.

I bet you're like that. And it makes me sick.


Matt Leifer said...

Anon 3:16

My hero.