Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Confirmation: Weekly News & Notes

*Mike Shanin interviewed Tommy Ruskin and Julie Turner for KCPT.

*A television station aired a two-minute feature about Vine Street Rumble.

*Denyce Graves' visit to the Mutual Musicians Foundation is documented by KCJazzLark.

*KCPT, Kansas City's public television station, is acquiring radio station KTBG.  The report in The Kansas City Star indicates that KCPT intends to retain the current AAA format.  Even so, a bit of speciality jazz programming doesn't seem unlikely.

*A remastered version of Chris Burnett's 1999 album Time Flies is now available.

*The Telegraph recalls Kansas City's jazz heyday in a preview of the Cheltenham Jazz Festival.

*Tweet o' the Week: St. Louis Jazz Notes- Dan Thomas and Voyage playing Friday, May 3 and Saturday, May 4 at Robbie's House of Jazz (link)

*Comment o' the Week: Anonyomous- I share your enthusiasm for Jerry Dodgion. It was a very good show! I hope he makes it back to KC soon.

*From Jim Mair: The 3rd annual Kansas City Jazz Summit takes place April 24,25,26 on the campus of Kansas City Kansas Community College.  34 bands from 5 colleges and 29 middle and high schools from Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.  Performances begin daily at 8:30am and conclude at 5:00pm.  Highlights include Wednesday night with a  Big Band extravaganza featuring  the KCKCC Jazz Ensemble and the New Vintage Big Band 7:00pm (donations accepted) in the KCKCC PAC.  Thursday includes the Kansas City Jazz Heritage "Basically Basie" competition.  The competing bands choose three Count Basie tunes and try to replicate the sound, style and the joy of the Basie band.  The top two bands will have a playoff at 5:00pm. Audience members will be able to influence the outcome of the finals by texting their vote for the  winning band...

(Original image by Plastic Sax.)


Gary said...

In reference to the KTBG/KCPT acquisition KKFI plays jazz around the lunch hour daily (Jeff Harshberger hosts one of the shows) and I've heard it in the morning on KJHK also.

Anonymous said...

KKFI, Jazz, 1 - 3 M-F. Jeff does host one of the shows as does Gerald Dunn. i can't recall their respective days.

will KTGB air jazz programming? mmm... well, i'd like to see it, but if they do, i bet on the weekends or later at night.

more likely, they'll break format for some simulcasts with KCPT, especially pledge shows that feature music acts. - mike t.