Monday, December 9, 2013

Begin the Beguine: The Broadway Jazz Club

After attending a media event at the Broadway Jazz Club last week, I can confirm that the chatter about the resurrection of Jardine's is justified.  The new venue at 3601 Broadway has the look and feel of the shuttered jazz venue.  The Broadway Jazz Club officially opened on Friday, December 6.

Two prominent bloggers offer contrasting perspectives.  Paul Wilson's endorsement of the Broadway Jazz Club notes that the sound system is excellent.  I'll add that the food I sampled was tasty and that the staff was charming during my initial visit.

In a hypercritical editorial, Tony's Kansas City suggests that a "glut" of jazz venues showcase "Kansas City's signature but mostly dead art form."  While Tony is just trying to be funny, I am concerned that much the core constituency of Jardine's may be unwilling to drive 1.4 miles north into midtown.

The old Jardine's set could afford to dine at the Broadway Jazz Club.  I'm not in the market for a $29 dollar filet mignon or a $12 martini, but I might be tempted by the $11 pork tenderloin sandwich and a beer or a $14 roasted barbabietole salad and a glass of tap water.  I'm also eager to discover how jazz fans reluctant to order food will be treated.

I'm not likely to get an answer this week.   Because there are no calendar listings, I'm unable to plan my next visit. 

Footage of Megan Birdsall singing "Love For Sale" on Saturday captures of bit of the ambiance of the Broadway Jazz Club.

(Original image of Mark Lowrey, Dominique Sanders and Brian Steever by Plastic Sax.)


Anonymous said...

Good post. I with you when you say, "I'm not in the market for a $29 dollar filet mignon or a $12 martini..." me neither. I will gladly pay a reasonable cover charge and buy (reasonable) drinks but they can keep the high priced food.

Cb said...

My first thoughts were "Hey, this is the new Jardine's" too, HIB.

Might be a good thing because Jardines seemed to keep lots of the regular gigging musicians working and also satisfy the food & jazz venue demographic.

Hope they stay in business.

Thomas said...

Tell Tony, that Jazz is fresh art EVERYTIME musicians step on stage and improvise. Nothing is the same, the tempo, the chord voicing, the rhythm, the space, the dialogue between the players and your mood.