Sunday, January 1, 2017


I’ve resolved to become fluent in Spanish for years.  It hasn't happened.  Accordingly, the following jazz-oriented New Year’s resolutions may be little more than wishful thinking.

Jazz and cocktails.  Jazz listening rooms may be scarce in Kansas City, but plenty of jazz musicians find work providing background music in cocktail lounges.  I’ll attempt to overcome my bias against these settings. 

Back to the future.  My left of center inclinations can be a liability in a town that prizes mainstream swing.  I intend to give straight-ahead players more equitable coverage in 2017.

Ballyhoo.  My assumption that everyone with a passing interest in jazz in Kansas City has stumbled across Plastic Sax may be mistaken.  Although it’s against my nature, I resolve to promote Plastic Sax more diligently.

Grooming.  Plastic Sax was the first site in Kansas City to compile a thorough list of jazz-related links when it was founded in 2007.  It’s been some time since I culled the dead, dormant and extraneous links in the column to the right.

Running total.  My compulsion to publish attendance figures continues to irritate musicians and venue owners.  I’ll consider playing down unflattering turnout figures.

(Original image by Plastic Sax.)

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