Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Confirmation: Weekly News & Notes

*KCUR aired a compelling interview with Bobby Watson. Steve Paul covered the Watson show previewed on the radio broadcast. Paul also took notes at a performance by Jake Blanton. A Star reader enjoyed Watson's gig.

*Celebrated Kansas City blogger Midtown Miscreant reports on some troubling trash near Charlie Parker's grave in Lincoln Cemetery.

*The battle over the estate of bandleader Billy Tipton has a Kansas City connection. I'm so confused! Here's Tipton's rendition of "Sweet Georgia Brown."

*Kansas City-related jazz artists received seven Grammy nominations. Steve Paul lists the nods to Pat Metheny, Karrin Allyson, Count Basie and Lester Young. Bob Brookmeyer was also recognized.

*An interesting story about the former programming director of Warrensburg's KTBG touches on the station's abandonment of a jazz format in 2001.

*The Pitch gives Plastic Sax a generous shout-out regarding our updates on the Phoenix jazz club. Can a Pulitzer be far behind?

*Thursday's Al Jarreau concert at the Midland has been canceled.

*Here's the complete text of an email sent by Jardine's this week:

Jardine's Thanks You!

To all of you who purchased a piano "key" we invite you to the first official Society Charter Member of the New Piano appreciation party Sunday December 14 from 5 to 7 with Bram Wijnands' Trio.

Appetizers and Soft Drinks Provided! The first half of the evening will be exclusive to those who have contributed to the new piano, then we will open up to the public (minus the free stuff!!) at 7pm. If you know of someone who would like to contribute bring them along.

Anyone who would like to become a member come on by and put your name on a key! The contribution is $100.

We plan on holding these events once a month. Eventually we will have an actual keyboard on the wall with all the members names on the keys.

Many "special" keys have been spoken for (Marilyn Maye got middle C!) but maybe yours is still available. Here is our Current List of Contributors:

Craig Akin, Karrin Allyson, Roger Atkinson, David Basse, Megan Birdsall, Miles Bonny, Carrie Brockman,Walter Bryant, Demasters Insurance, Kay Dennis, Tim Doherty, Dan Doran, Bill Doty on memory of Ed Fenner, Millie Edwards, Sharon Eiker, Christine Garvey, Angela Hagenbach, Greg and Kathy Halstead, Mike Kaplan, Suhud Koker, Howard Lay, Ken Lovern, Mark Lowrey, Doreen Maronde, Marilyn Maye, Erin McGrane, Janet Miller, Michael Pagan, Steve Rigazzi, Kim Sivils, Paul Smith, Gerald Spaits, Mandy Stever, Mike White, Tim & Patti Whitmer, Roger Wilder, Todd Wilkinson, Lori Tucker & Ham, Sonya Yarmat, Eric Smith

(Original photo by Plastic Sax.)


WLIB said...

Plastic Sax should sign up for an F sharp! (not sure what that actually means...)

Anonymous said...

the basie/prez box set sounds insanely awesome. and in reference to midtown miscreant's post, from what i've heard, it's actually bird's family that decided on lincoln cemetery as the final resting place.

it's my understanding there was quite an effort on the part of KCMO to do something about it, but it was those in bird's nest (pun intended) that were more than a pain in the ass to work with.