Monday, December 1, 2008

From the Ashes

Although a band had yet to set up, I was delighted to knock back a Pale Ale at the Phoenix last Friday night. The jazz venue- an increasingly endangered species in Kansas City- has reopened. The 8th Street tavern was doing solid business. Alas, I was one of the youngest people in the room. EDIT: (I'd link to the Phoenix's site, but none exists.) A reader came to the rescue: The Phoenix Jazz Club.


Anonymous said...

No website?!?!?! WHAT?!?!?

It's 2009 people...!!!

Let's give the owner benefit of the doubt and assume there's a site in the works, but it's down...or the "site maker" is having problems, running late, etc. But that's a must have.

Any more photos? Does it look the same on the inside as it previously did?

Great to see a jazz club open up in the City.

I always wonder when a place like this closes, then re-opens, what the new owner is thinking as far as a strategy where he/she will make it work and the last person didn't. Interesting.

Happy In Bag said...

I swear that I did not post this anonymous comment myself.

However, I share the author's sentiments.

And yes, the club looks almost exactly the same.

I reckon that foot traffic from the new tenants of nearby lofts should keep the Phoenix relatively busy.

Happy In Bag said...

Anon- See the edit in the post.

Anonymous said...

ah!...whew...scared me there for a minute (ha!).

I wonder what the Acid Jazz Monday's will turn out like?...very interesting. And progressive. I love it.

I think it would be great to have an interview with the owner and/or booker of the venue on this site, and hear what his or her goals and plans are. Any possibility...?

Happy In Bag said...

Interview? That sounds like something that resembles work.

My pal J.K. might be pursuing that; if not, I suppose I'll give it a shot.

Thanks again for the push, Anon.

the unthinking lemming said...

I suppose progressiveness depends on your perspective. Acid Jazz is about to enter its third decade as a recognized genre.

Anonymous said...

Progressive as in, a club who is actually hosting it. The booking is progressive.

The music has been around for decades, but finding it offered up live is rare. Especially in KC.

the unthinking lemming said...

There is plenty of 'Acid Jazz' being played live in Kansas City. Most people call it Funk.