Sunday, July 5, 2009

Trio All at Jardine's

Zach Albetta bashed his drums. Bassist Ben Leifer played melodically. And pianist Mark Lowrey pulled it all together with compelling tact.

Such was the scene witnessed by about 25 people when the music began last Wednesday at Jardine's. Lowrey noted that it was Trio All's second official gig.

Their foundation lies with the influential work of Bill Evans' trios, but the group is very much aware that it's 2009. (Read Steve Paul's profile of Trio All for a proper appreciation of the group. It's posted at Albetta's blog at MySpace.)

There were discordant moments but the traditional Jardine's patron need not be alarmed. Even when Trio All ventures outside, they never leave the yard.

(Original image by Plastic Sax.)

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kcjazzlark said...

I arrived about 8:30 and counted more than 40 patrons from then through the end of the third set.

I'd read Steve Paul's profile and welcomed the opportunity to see the group. The two sets I heard were remarkably good. I'll be looking for where they perform next, and I plan to be there.