Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Confirmation: Weekly News & Notes

*Congressman Emanuel Cleaver blogs that he "spent a sleepless night on the phone to Paris securing Charlie Parker’s plastic sax for Kansas City."

*Reading KCJazzLark's outstanding research on the early efforts to establish a jazz museum in Kansas City is a depressing but incredibly revealing exercise. His latest installments are here, here and here.

*Tess Koppelman reports on problems with redevelopment in the Jazz District.

*Joel Francis reviewed Oleta Adams' concert at the Gem Theater for the Star.

*An essay in the Star makes the connection between jazz and basketball. (Tip via Phil F.)

*Chris Burnett notes one of his contributions to the Mutual Musicians Foundation.

*Les Izmore's collaboration with Diverse netted the rapper a cover story in the Pitch. Ink and The Daily Record also previewed the event.

*The Indianapolis Jazz Orchestra recently performed Kansas City Suite in its entirety. Here's a review. The Kansas City Jazz Orchestra plays the piece April 30 at the Folly Theater.

*Steve Penn lays out a case against financial cuts at the American Jazz Museum. Elsewhere, a member of the Kansas International Film Festival Committee advocates continued funding of the institution.

*The Guardian tells a fascinating story of a rarely seen sculpture of Charlie Parker.

*Alaadeen continues to share his story.

*Here's an intriguing big band arrangement of Pat Metheny's "Song For Bilbao."

*The in-flight magazine of Midwest Airlines recently featured the Mutual Musicians Foundation.

*Hearne Christopher previews Marilyn Maye's return engagement at Jardine's.

*I don't recognize the Kansas City jazz scene described in a Dallas Morning News article.

*From a Theater League press release: 12 O’CLOCK JUMP, public radio’s blues and comedy jam, will say good-bye to the Mutual Musicians Foundation, 1823 Highland, after a nine-month run. "We've enjoyed playing in this very special place." explained 12 O'CLOCK JUMP Executive Producer Mark Edelman. "But it's time to take our show someplace else. There are some great jazz spaces in Kansas City; I expect a lot of them will be interested in hosting 12 O'CLOCK JUMP.” (Tip via a friend of Plastic Sax.)

*St. Louis Jazz Notes graciously references Plastic Sax's coverage of Diverse in his preview to the Kansas City band's gig across the state.

(As this original image indicates, I've been in Italy. And yes, I took in a jazz concert while there. My notes on that event will appear in this space Monday.)


Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Oleta review. The sound at the Gem Theater is consistently bad. You'd think they would have it down to science by now.

Anonymous said...


Not sure if you were in town when Alaadeen changed his name in the
1980's from Dick(Richard)White to Ahmad Alaadeen.