Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Confirmation: Weekly News & Notes

*KCJazzLark recovered and posted an invaluable four-minute peek at Kansas City's jazz scene in 1988. The blogger recounts the back story here. Give that man a medal!

*Will Friedwald offers what might be the definitive profile of Marilyn Maye. The New York Post also raves about the 81-year-old saloon singer.

*Here's a nice new promotional video for Diverse.

*The Michael Pagan Trio's latest CD is admired by a critic at AllMusic.

*An excellent video of Alaadeen telling stories was recently posted at YouTube.

*A recording of a gig by Black House Improvisors' Collective can be purchased here.

*A reviewer for the Star praises Dave Frishberg's recent concert at the Folly Theater.

*The Unthinking Lemming offers a nice review of Saturday's appearance by Charlie Hunter. The Pitch was also on hand.

*"I personally consider (Bobby Watson) to musically be the “Bird” figure of our times," Chris Burnett suggests at his blog.

*Krystle Warren garners a Guardian review.

*It's short but sweet. Oklahoma City Community College provides a wonderful video promoting Dan White's traveling exhibition of photographs depicting Kansas City jazz musicians.

*A Star story about Matt Chalk is examined.

*Here's a brief interview with Angela Hagenbach.

*Mark Edelman breaks down the week in live jazz.

*According to their site, The Phoenix will be closed for remodeling March 22-25

*Prairie Village's forthcoming jazz festival has a dedicated site and a Facebook fan page.

*Here's a great video of Millage Gilbert playing the blues at the Mutual Musicians Foundation.

*I heard a radio advertisement for a Jazz Outreach benefit at the Beaumont Club. Details are posted at Swope Health Services' site.

*Some of Pat Metheny's fans scare me.

*Metheny is on the cover of the March issue of Jazz Inside magazine.

*The indie rock and hip hop communities in Kansas City have combined forces to showcase their talents at SXSW this month. Check out Midwasteland Takeover. The Midwest Music Foundation, one of the entities behind that effort, also has a lot to offer area jazz musicians.

(Original image by Plastic Sax.)


bgo said...

Oh man, did that You Tube video light some bittersweet stirrings in my soul. I know all them guys, dead or alive. Beautiful. Going to post the link as my status update on Facebook. Thanks, Bill

Midwest Music Foundation said...

Thanks for the mention! We do our best to support Kansas City Musicians!

Midwest Music Foundation

P.S. Love the blog!

trainor said...

i hope the pv jazz fest line-up is a good one. lot of local talent to draw from. also hope sponsers step up - so far, none. nice web site tho'. - mike t.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone shed any light into why Michael Pagan isn't getting tenure at UMKC? He seems like a quality person, a man of integrity and is a solid pianist?