Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Confirmation: Weekly News & Notes

*Oscar "Lucky" Wesley of The Scamps died March 27th. The Star has the story.

*The Jazz In the Woods festival has announced its 2010 lineup. Plastic Sax is very pleased to note that Erin Bode and Bobby Watson are included this year. Bode, Mingo Fishtrap and Mindi Abair perform June 11. Matt Marshak, the Bobby Watson Quartet featuring Curtis Lundy and Nick Colionne/Steve Cole play the following day.

*The Pitch and KC Confidential comment on 12 O'Clock Jump's unceremonious exit from the Mutual Musicians Foundation.

*In addition to the aforementioned controversial item, the agenda of a recent Foundation meeting includes an entry titled "MMF Jazz Radio Show."

*The live entertainment accompanying the May 6 film premiere of Sue Vicory's Kansas City Jazz & Blues: Past, Present & Future is very compelling. Diverse, Matt Otto, Stan Kessler, Lonnie McFadden, Mama Ray and Marilyn Maye are slated to perform. Jazz trumpeter Mike Metheny and country vocalist Jessi Colter will also be on hand for the event at the Gem Theater.

*The greatness of Myra Taylor is documented by KCJazzLark.

*From AfterGroove: "We are looking for your ideas for the name and concept of our next cd. We are recording it now. If we use your idea, you will be listed on the cd and you will receive your own copy."

*Black House Improvisors' Collective continue to post intriguing content at their site.

*Here's a new video of Mouth performing live on KKFI.

*I've heard a rumor that GiGi's Jazz Inn, an establishment on Troost without any internet presence, has obtained a liquor license.

*The Kansas City Jazz Calendar has been updated. Careful observers will note that I usually omit R&B, blues and cabaret acts. Yet I couldn't resist including Greg Ginn's April 6 gig at the Record Bar. I'm one of the jazz-punk genre's 326 fans.

(Original image by Plastic Sax.)


JeremyA said...

Thanks for the link, even though that video is embarrassing.

Happy In Bag said...

The video's not that bad, Jeremy. I just hope Mouth inspires other acts to document their work in a similar fashion. It's not that difficult, is it?

bgo said...

Mrs. Waylon Jennings, the widow woman? Maybe she'll bring Shooter with special guest Stephen King.

Happy In Bag said...

Yep. "I'm Looking For Blue Eyes."

Gunn said...

Thanks for posting the link to the Mouth video. I am the drummer.

"I just hope Mouth inspires other acts to document their work in a similar fashion."

That is a huge compliment, thank you.

My room-mate (Smoking Elephant Studios) and I are responsible for most of our media, and it takes HOURS of work to mix each show. Usually around 10-15 hours for each show from importing to protools to naming and uploading the tracks.

Once our website launches, we will have a platform to release even more media. :)

thanks again for the link-age, expect your URLs to be on our page.