Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Confirmation: Weekly News & Notes

*The recently-announced lineup of the Prairie Village Jazz Festival is stellar.

*Another video treasure has been unearthed by KCJazzLark.

*The Folly Theater has announced its jazz bookings for the 2010-2011 season.

*Tim Finn composed an excellent profile of Jeff Harshbarger.

*Guitarist Steve Cardenas garnered a review in the New York Times. (Tip via Steve Paul.)

*A marketing success story is detailed by KCJazzLark.

*Steve Penn checked in with Dennis Winslett.

*Steve Wilson, a familiar face to Kansas City jazz fans, selected Charlie Parker's "Koko" as one of five representative alto saxophone tracks in an NPR feature.

*The Star reviewed Sunday's Zappa Plays Zappa concert.

*Recent additions to the Kansas City Jazz Calendar include an August 20 performance by Larry Carlton.

*Hours after Bobby Watson and Curtis Lundy perform at this weekend's Jazz In the Woods festival, they'll be featured on KCUR's 12th Street Jump.

*There's no direct connection to jazz, but fans of serious music will be pleased to learn that Amy Beth Kirsten and Zhou Juan, young composers with ties to Kansas City, will participate in the Mizzou New Music Summer Festival. (Tip via Dean Minderman.)

*I'm scheduled to chat with Steve Kraske about jazz this Friday at 11:06 on KCUR's Up To Date.

(Original image of Gerald Dunn and Mike Warren performing at Jardine's on May 19 by Plastic Sax.)


Rick in PV said...

Agreed: The PV Jazz Fest lineup makes me proud to be a Villager. Couldn't have done better myself. Hats off to the planners.

Rick in PV said...

Oh, and don't forget, Marilyn Maye opens Sunday for a week at Jardine's! Can you say "living legend"?

Happy In Bag said...

You're right, Rick.

And here's Joe Klopus' excellent feature on the fabulous Marilyn Maye.

Cb said...

Greetings, Joyce,

I just visited your website for the Prairie Village Jazz Festival and noticed that you have videos posted of each of the bands who will be performing on September 11th. The video that is in place for the Kansas City Jazz Orchestra is not them, it is of a group from Japan that has KC in their name. It is a small matter, but one that I am sure that you all would like to correct. A collection of YouTube videos that are available of the Kansas City Jazz Orchestra (directed by Prof. Jim Mair) are located on the KCJO website on this page:

Peace, Cb

Happy In Bag said...

Nice catch, Cb. That Japanese band is amazing, though.